Categories: 01. Legislation

Conservation of Natural Spaces and Wild Flora and Fauna

The purpose of this Law, in compliance with Article 45.2 and in accordance with the provisions of Article 149.1.23 of the Constitution, is to establish rules for the protection, conservation, restoration and improvement of natural resources and, in particular, those relating to natural areas and wild flora and fauna. Click here

Conservation of Natural Heritage and Biodiversity

Establish the basic legal regime for the conservation, sustainable use, enhancement and restoration of natural heritage and biodiversity, as part of the duty to conserve and the right to enjoy an environment suitable for the development of the individual, established in Article 45.2 of the Constitution. Click here

Law 30/2014, of 3 December, on National Parks

To establish the basic legal regime to ensure the conservation of the national parks and the Network they form, as well as the different instruments of coordination and collaboration. Click here

LD 133/2014 – “SbloccaItalia”

It sets citizens’ participation at the centre through concrete administrative new tools that can facilitate the participation of associations/citizens in the urban/green management in exchange for the exemption from taxes. Click here