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Gardening Project

The British Council School and the Fundación Juan XXIII started the Gardening Project, an educational project with the aim of raising awareness among students about the environment, the current problems we face and the interaction and interdependence of human beings with the natural environment. All this with a differentiating element that adds a social component …

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Bordablanca. Cultivando La Inserción

The Finca Bordablanca, located in the pre-Pyrenees of Navarre, an area classified by the EU as disadvantaged, was owned and used by the Government of Navarre as a tree nursery for tree species. The Josenea project in Bordablanca was undertaken on the basis of three fundamental pillars: Environmental sustainability in buildings and energy and recovery …

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Equality rights and equal treatment of persons with disabilities

Guarantee the right to equal opportunities and treatment, as well as the real and effective exercise of rights by persons with disabilities on equal terms with other citizens, through the promotion of personal autonomy, universal accessibility, access to employment, inclusion in the community and independent living and the eradication of all forms of discrimination, in …

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Conservation of Natural Spaces and Wild Flora and Fauna

The purpose of this Law, in compliance with Article 45.2 and in accordance with the provisions of Article 149.1.23 of the Constitution, is to establish rules for the protection, conservation, restoration and improvement of natural resources and, in particular, those relating to natural areas and wild flora and fauna. Click here

Conservation of Natural Heritage and Biodiversity

Establish the basic legal regime for the conservation, sustainable use, enhancement and restoration of natural heritage and biodiversity, as part of the duty to conserve and the right to enjoy an environment suitable for the development of the individual, established in Article 45.2 of the Constitution. Click here