Bordablanca. Cultivando La Inserción

The Finca Bordablanca, located in the pre-Pyrenees of Navarre, an area classified by the EU as disadvantaged, was owned and used by the Government of Navarre as a tree nursery for tree species. The Josenea project in Bordablanca was undertaken on the basis of three fundamental pillars:

  • Environmental sustainability in buildings and energy and recovery of the estate in disuse.
  • Ecological crops.
  • Social reintegration.

Strategies developed:

  • Creation of an organic farm for the cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants.
  • Make the farm itself, a place of training, offering guided tours with alternative experiences (tastings, ginka-nas, workshops for making creams), which annually receive about 3,000 people from provincial, state and international level.
  • Generate a productive activity, through the packaging and commercialization of the species cultivated on the farm.
  • Communicate through fairs and congresses, both in the field of organic production and in the social field, the experience and share it at all levels in order to establish by contagion this type of entity.
  • Establish collaboration agreements with private companies, to facilitate synergies between the needs of these and people who are in the process of social integration, with the ultimate goal of employment for them.