QualityΝet Foundation (QNF): “In action for a better world”

QualityΝet Foundation (QNF) is a non-for-profit organisation dedicated to sustainable development. It has been operating in Greece since 1997, aiming to foster a sustainable future by establishing a Sustainable Economy/Society based on environmental consciousness and social cohesion, as the main lever for ensuring quality of life.

The QNF Network of Responsible Organisations & Active Citizens is a multi-stakeholding platform for sustainable development which consists of 150 institutional bodies, 1,280 businesses, 345 civil society bodies, 250 local government bodies, 4,500 schools and 45,000 active citizens.

The “in action for a better world” initiative is a holistic approach to promote the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals within Greek society, aspiring for the active participation of responsible organisations and active citizens, and the adoption of practices that improve the quality of life.